Mission Statement

Don’t be fooled by “Half Truths”, “Sign & Ride” deals and uncertified instructors. There are no 1 day or 3 day classes or just go to the range, that’s just what they will tell you to get you to have you come into their school.

Ask Questions :

  • Are you a licensed training facility?
  • Does your price include finger prints and notary?
  • Will you help me fill out my application and maintain my records for two (2) years as mandated by FDACS?
  • Is the person that will be teaching the class a licensed K Instructor by the Division of Licensing?
  • for an extra fee, will he just sing the certificate without ANY training what so EVER.
  • When getting your Certificates, does the price included range fee and gun rental?

Schools that seem good because they offer cheap prices take many shortcuts which ultimately costs the student more time and more money because the State can discover a security worker’s inadequate training and will suspend their license because of the illegitimate security school gave them misinformation or didn’t provide them with the requirements for a valid license.

Remember, if you paid to be trained, get trained. Security Guards are being arrested, cited and sued each day because of their lack of training or for obtaining a fraudulent Certificate of training which is now a 3rd degree Felony

Look at the bottom of certificate, which you should receive at the end of your class to see if the person training you is person that signs the certificate?

Please visit our calendar for our training schedule, course catalog, and other important info! See all that ATA can do to help train and advance your career in security, or help prepare your company’s private security officers for the unique challenges that will face them and your company in customer service, prevention and protection.


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“Detect, Deter, Observe and Report.”

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Our Story

We have many years working on the field and our experience allow us to succeed in many aspects

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Fernando Gallego


Director of Firearms Training


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