G license annual Re-qualification Training Requirements

This is the State of Florida mandatory yearly 4 hour G license Re-qualification course.

To maintain licensure, the Class “G” license holder must complete four hours of re-qualifying training EACH YEAR The annual training course shall consist of a review of the curriculum topics listed above as part of the initial training requirements to include any recent changes in the law. License holders will be required to achieve a minimum passing score of 168 points on a cycle of fire consisting of 48 rounds. If the license holder fails to achieve a passing score after three attempts, he or she will be instructed to seek additional remedial training and schedule another re-qualification attempt at a later date.

We DO NOT sit you in a room to watch videos for 4 hours. We WILL TEACH you what you need to know about Florida law, to understand the responsibility of carrying a firearm, and being put in a position to have to use Deadly Force to protect yourself, and those you have been hired to protect. If you want to go home every night to your family safe and sound, If you want a keen up with the latest law and how you fit in the big picture, then we are here to help you. The course is taught by Florida Licensed K Firearms Instructors and experienced retired law enforcement officers and Military veterans who are Certified NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors in a professional classroom setting, includes re-qualifying in our state of the art indoor shooting range, we will make sure that you meet the mandatory State of Florida annual G license re-qualification requirements.


G License Annual Re-qualification

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